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The more you do for your lawn the better chance you give your grass to stay healthy through the tough summer weather.

The most important thing for you to do for your lawn is to be in tune with your lawns watering needs. Refer to our general guidelines but remember that every lawn setting is different. you may have to adjust watering in certain parts of your lawn and that is perfectly normal as many lawns have areas of more/less shade, areas of different soil or areas of different slopes which could affect watering needs

Take advantage of our golf coarse style fungicide program! Fungus is a disease found in the soil that affects living things in it (i.e. your grass.) We offer 3 fungicide treatments to help combat the stress that tough summer weather presents to your grass. We add a special product that is loaded with micro-nutrients to help the health of your soil so your lawn is living in a vitamin enriched environment.

I encourage you to sign up for all three of our fungicide treatments 

Fungus loves when your lawn is sitting in wetness for long periods of time.

Be sure not to drown lawn areas to the point that if you step on them it is mucky.

Make sure to never water at night! (start at 5 AM)

Make sure your lawn is mowed at a height of 3’’ (The longer the better.) Cutting your lawn too short makes your lawn susceptible to disease.

Make sure the Mowing blade is sharp. Dull blades promote disease.

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