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Just like any plant, grass needs to be watered correctly for optimal results. The best results come when the soil is kept moist throughout the day. Following these watering guidelines will help to achieve that, but conditions vary from property to property and the soil should be monitored. If the soil is dry, increase watering; if the ground is muddy, decrease it. Shady areas need less water.



(sorted by date seeded)

After three weeks, regular watering instructions for established lawns are the guidelines, matching instructions given on the bottom of treatment invoices. As always, it is important to adjust to property conditions if needed.

August 15th - September 7th 

For the first 3 weeks, water twice a day

at 6 AM and 1 PM.

20 Minute Rotary Zone, 7 Minute Mist Zone


After that, water once a day starting at 6 AM

15-20 Minute Rotary Zones, 5-7 Minute Mist Zones

September 8th - October 31st

For the first 3 weeks, water twice a day

at 6 AM and 1 PM.

8-10 Minute Rotary Zone, 3-4 Minute Mist Zone

After that, water every other day at 6 AM 

20 Minute Rotary Zones, 7 Minute Mist Zones

May 22nd - June 30th

For the first 4 weeks, water three times a day

at 5 AM, 12 PM & 3 PM

12-15 Minute Rotary Zone, 4-5 Minute Mist Zone

After that, water once a day starting at 5 AM

20-30 Minute Rotary Zones, 10 Minute Mist Zones



If this is your first seeding and was done as a renovation or from dirt, you will start to see germination within 1-2 weeks. The blades will start out very thin and will thicken over time.


Do your best to stay off the lawn and do not cut it for 3 weeks (until it needs it). We hope to get the lawn 80% full with the first seeding. We are working with nature and some spots will be stubborn and require more attention.


The second seeding is to fill in any spotty or thin areas that did not fully take with the first seeding. You are in good hands and will have a great lawn after the two seedings and a full season.

Just remember, keep your ground moist for best results.

Rainfall will naturally reduce watering needs.

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