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  • Do I need to water in my treatments?
    No. The only treatment that should be watered in is a fungicide treatment. (fungicide is a systemic treatment)
  • You seeded my lawn in April and it has spots and weeds. What is wrong?
    Nothing! Spring seedings are a bit of a roller-coaster. They come up great and then the strong summer sun beats up the young grass in the summer because of its shallower root system. Remember it takes 2 seedings and a full season to produce a sod quality lawn!
  • How much do I water?
    Click here to read our general watering instructions.
  • Do you cut, landscape, or grade?"
  • Why should I core aerate my lawn?
    Core aeration helps improve your lawns root system, it helps with drainage, improves fertilizer uptake and use, reduces soil compaction and enhances heat and drought tolerance! You should core aerate every other year. For lawns with notoriously bad drainage and compacted soil you should core aerate every year.
  • Should I sign up for your fungicide treatments?
    Yes. The more you do for your lawn the better it will be. The reason golf courses are green most of the summer is because they get sprayed with fungicides once every 3 weeks! Take your lawn to the next level and sign up for them!
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