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4 week old renovation seeding September 2020

One of the major reasons Prestige has been so successful in producing beautified lawns is because of our seeding program. Just like sod farms do, Prestige uses the process of slit seeding to plant grass seed. The slit-seeding process will thatch aerate and seed your lawn area all at once! This is by far the most effective way to get grass germination. The types of grass seed we use produce the most disease resistant, drought tolerant lawns that are not only dark green, but at the right time of year will have a glowing effect. All of our seeding jobs require two seedings: an initial seeding and a re-seeding to produce a sod quality lawn. It does not happen overnight but typically within in one full season our jobs will look just like sod at 1/5 of the price it would take to sod it (Not to mention our lawns are more disease resistant and drought tolerant because of custom seed blend)



These are our lawns that stand above the rest!

A renovation seeding is where we will kill off your existing lawn, because it has weak disease prone grasses or is loaded with weeds, and grow you a brand new lawn. The reason these lawns are so special is because your new lawn will now have all the same type of grass in color and texture just like a baseball field. This uniform look, the dark green blade, the disease resistance and drought tolerance the Prestige seed mixture produces has us getting referred all over the island! (Please refer to the watering instructions section of the website for details on how to water correctly for a job like this)



If you have a good base lawn but have spots around your lawn that need to be filled in this is the type of seeding we will recommend. Our custom Prestige Blend of seed will be embedded into your lawn using our famous slit seeding machines. Your lawn will become thicker, more disease resistant and drought tolerant all while being able to keep weeds out because of its thickness

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